maybe thats my problem.



Jessica Lange- age 27 ; 1976


i need to get something off my chest

*takes off my nipple*

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2 years down the drain


Never fuck with someone who cries when they’re mad. They’ll stab you 48 times and cry in your stab wounds.



my blog will make you horny ;)

writing tip #925:


love making up stories but don’t have the skills to write a novel? fox news is always hiring

I love hot weather 😍😍 icy poles, the nice breeze in the after noon, people I hate getting sunbunrt… water fights, long nights, sleeping outside, watching everyone else get attacked by mosquitoes and people I hate hitting themselves, those days where you cover up the windows and sit in a nice air conditioned room with pillows and wear basically nothing and watch things…fun days at the beach and seashells,and best of all not having to cancel plans because its going to rain :)

Don’t bring up the past of a person who is trying to improve their future
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